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Thursday, March 29, 2012

I Put The Odd in Odd Job

 Hello, everyone! I'm back for just a bit, to give you an update and a graphic.

 I am still at the same household, helping out. I feel that I'm under appreciated, but that's the norm in my world.

 I woke up this morning to my charge wheeling into my footchair(I've been relegated to an oversized chair and a footchair to sleep), and rooting through the belongings that I keep near me at all times. I wigged out. I can take a lot of punishment, but I can't take someone going through my stuff. I don't have many material possessions, but those that I still cling to are not to be messed with. I confronted him about it and he stated that he was just cleaning my area. I moved everything in 5 seconds and told him I am perfectly capable of cleaning my own area after I wake up.

 Waking up has been an experience for the past three weeks. The place I am staying has a lot in the way of morning noise. First, there's the rooster that is somehow fixed on eastern time zone and does his "Cockle-doodle-doo" at Five-fifteen A.M. sharp. Secondly, There are the children that get up and enjoy crying before they head off to school. Thirdly, the guy who's legs aren't working likes to scream names for assistance in the morning. He screams very loud, and it's never my name. Probably because he knows I'm 4 feet away, and he wouldn't need to yell to get my attention. These three things have brought me some rude awakenings. Sometimes it's not until 4am until I finally get to sleep, so when I awake from these things, I'm in a very bad mood.

 I've found a solution. For the past three nights, I've been blaring a looped rainstorm through my laptop into my earbuds. It works great, that is until I turn over and accidentally yank the cords out of the input. If that happens, I just get things back to normal and drown myself in sounds of water. Surprisingly enough, I don't get the urge to pee more than usual.

 Money. I have none. I need much. So, without getting a j-o-b, which would get in my way, I've been setting up some odd jobs. So far I've lined up some metal scrapping and weed killing jobs. Those are just a few ways I can use to get money, but they were the first. Even though it's not a normal boss-employee relationship, I usually make an impression on those that hire me for freelance work.

 I'm odd. In odd, I don't just mean strange or unique. Those apply, but in this example I am truly odd. I got a week-wackage job last year, but it was a rough gig because I didn't own a weed-eater and needed to acquire one for use. I kept asking people, and they kept saying "yes", but they'd never come through for me. I ended up doing the whole job with scissors. A pair of sharp fiskars. It took over an hour and a half, but I got it done and didn't need anyone to give me a weedwacker. Leave it to me to come up with odd solutions.

 This is getting a little long, so I'll finish it up by giving you all a glimpse of one of my latest works. It was done with a combination of apophysis, photoshop, and gimp. I hope you enjoy it.

 Thanks for sticking with me. You're the best!


  1. Glad to hear your making the best of a bad situation! I don't think I'd beable to sleep on a chair! I hope things turn around for you soon! And using scissors to cut the lawn was genius! Way to go!

  2. Amazing picture! Good to see you are making things work out for you, even at the hardest of times! Keep it up!

  3. crazy times brother crazy times indeed.

  4. That graphic is pretty damn good. Well done on it. Maybe you can do freelance art work. Your living conditions sound kind of shitty but I guess you have to take what you can get.

  5. Roosters normally start singing at 5. Soon as they see the glimmer of sun, it's time. Sorry it sucks so much though. As for the graphic.. photoshop AND gimp? This is interesting.

  6. Dont loose your hopes, everything should clear soon.

  7. Uggg sleeping in a chair must suck, even worse with all that crap going on. Very clever with the weed killing though and great graphic.

  8. Hey there, the guy you're helping out sounds like a total ass-hole. I was compassionate towards him in your last post - but after reading this... not so much.

    Really sorry about the tough conditions you're finding yourself in these days - and do hope that they start clearing up soon!

    The graphic is beautiful!

  9. Man, I hope things improve for you soon. The only time I have ever slept in a chair was in an airport, and once at Band Camp (just kidding with the latter).

    Your screaming buddy reminds me of a guy I was next to in the hospital years ago. He was always complaining, yelling and talking crap to the nurses. I finally did what The People's Court ask you not to do...I took the law into my own hands.

    I told the crybaby that if he disrespected one more nurse, or even screamed one more time, that I was getting out of bed and opening a can of proverbial whoop-arse on him.

    For the next 2 days he was there, he sucked up to me and otherwise remained silent.

    Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do.

    By the way, I hate when people go through my things without permission.

  10. Yeah... I really need a job too. >< Also awesome image... thing.

  11. You're one strong individual sir, I wish you nothing but good tidings!

  12. I want to give you lemons now, to see the unorthodox way you make lemonade.

  13. I really hope things start picking up for you soon - and i admire your ingenuity :-)

  14. hope things will get better for you soon, really. keep writing and good luck.

  15. The pic is cool! I love anything purple and pretty. Be patient, something will come up for you soon! Keep your chin up :)

  16. ::Whistles:: Y'know, bro, I've mentioned to you before how pro-American I am, y'knowwhatImean? Whenever I spoke/speak of that, I mean that gung-ho find-answers-not-more-problems approach to life.

    It's not just a national thing though, it's universal - either you deal with the situation the best way you can or you let it steamroller all over you.

    YOU, my friend, are definitely of the trooper variety! You call it odd, I call it especially get-shit-done.

    Do work, m'man, do work. Someday, when yer all successful and shit, look back at these days and never forget the lessons they impart, y'know?

    Don't forget us either, yer e-friends and supporters!

  17. I once had to sleep in my car which was bad enough but at least I could lock the doors.
    I'm sure things will turn around soon...

  18. i've always wanted to sleep in my car. good luck! things will get better

  19. I've slept in cars and done odd jobs myself, and also consider myself to be a bit odd.

  20. Very hypnotic image you created there