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Friday, March 2, 2012

Randoomblog Podcast One

 I hate the sound of my own voice. I hear a lot of people do, but I'm not sure they have as much disdain for their own vocal sound as I do for my own. I don't know what it is that makes me so irate when hearing myself, but it does get under my skin like nothing else. But if I'm ever to conquer my fear/hate of my own voice, I'll have to use it and have other people hate/fear it as well.

 I stole the idea of a voice podcast from Mark. Thanks for that one, man. I'm not too lazy to type, but it's the ease of just talking that draws me to this type of post.

 I also stole part of it from That Bastard From Bellingham. Dude has a seriously entertaining voice. I don't, but I did one anyway at the same site he's got a few on. Great stuff, check out the evolution of 1200 lbs. of Metal.

 I give a few shout outs, or hellos to fellow bloggers. I could not include everyone, as that would take so much time that nobody would be willing to listen to my five hour long list of hellos and piss offs. Nah, there's only one piss off there, but it's a doozy. I plan to deal with the backlash after it's published.

 It's taking a while to publish, but I'm typing. It would be a great disservice to you to waste your time with these written words AND expect you to listen to the ten-minute long diatribe. So I will sum up the whole thing here:

 TL;DL *too long didn't listen

 Randoomblog. School. I want to couchsurf and go to school online. My mic sucks, My trackpad button is broken, thought it was a virus at first.

 My voice, sucks. I use accents to give it some flair. I use accents to make others laugh at me funning with the telemarketers.

 Shoutouts to Mark, Bastard, Al, B&B from ABFTS, Lord Phrozen, and someone else, I forget who.

 Request for ideas for new podcasts/posts.

Thanks bunches and don't let the space teddy bears eat you alive.

Growl or something similar
Update: The audio is not ready. Once it is I will embed it here.


  1. Your voice sounds great! My voice sounds like a mouse...on a trap...dead.

  2. You have a voice for radio. Clear and all that. Next one should be about.. hell I dunno. Do an interview with someone.

  3. Dude, you have a deep, rich, delicious baritone! It's super fucking sexy! I love it! You were made for radio! Your Indian accent is spot-on, I know heaps of Indian peeps and you could so be on of 'em! More podcasts... MOARRRRR!!!!

    OMFG, you got my name RIGHT!!! Nobody ever gets it right! You're very intuitive, my dad actually wanted boy. (major fucking bummer, man!) My name is very popular as a boy's name here, but not a girl's. Also, I'm just barely a girl. Tomboy for life, baby! I'm your dude! Thanks so much for the awesome shoutout and for putting up with my crap. Just so you know, the tree pic made me really green around the gills and I, too, had to have a couch stop! Yikes! My bad!

    I really do hope you put out a vlog soon. You have way too much awesomeness to keep it hidden away! As for a new topic, tell us about your favourite things. Gadets you like, favourite music/movies, computer stuff you can't live without, foods you can't get enough of (mmm.. bacon!), if you had a million dollars, guilty pleasures, that kind of stuff. What makes Mr. Shockgrubz Esq. tick?! The fans wanna know!

    Anyway, as usual, I've rambled on long enough. Stay shag-tastic! I'll catcha laydahs! Much love. ♥

    P.S. Cyoot teddy! :)

  4. Dude.


    You are no longer allowed to be disparaging of your own voice. :/ You're freakin' awesome! We could use a nigga like you on KAOS, not even jokin'~!

    And DUDE...::brofist, gives him "The Handshake," then the warrior's grip:: My broski, thanks for the big shoutout!

    Also, as far as the couch surfin' goes...bro, sometimes we just have to do what we must to survive, y'knowwhatImean?

    Sheeeeit, you need to do another podcast now. Sound like you got some interestin' stories to share. :3

    See ya 'round the Internuggets, bruddah. I'm still looking for a new chat, but hey...I'll find a place where our nomadic asses can settle down, grow roots, and allow the troll to simply groooow....

    MAKIKO KRAZE, BLOOD OF HARKONNEN KRAZE, dude, don't force it~! Just let your muse gently rape your aural hole, bro. :D EVENTUALLY YOU'LL BE ABLE TO ACCEPT HER LOOOOOOVE.




    Also, keep Growl, yeah? Good mascot for ya. ^^)b

  5. The only problem with audio is it takes too long to digest. I can skim text with a vengance.

  6. I disagree, I like your voice. It's deep and badass. Plus when you say my link you can actually hear it. I've always wanted to mess with telemarketers and I've seen some people do amazing jobs of it but I've never had the balls to do it myself. If you were near me I'd let you do it for me. Or teach me your tricks oh wise one. It's cool of your friends to let you stay with them, and I hope you find a permanent residence but I don't think you should not stay with your friends. They wan t to help so let them. But I guess if you're worried about it or have trust issues than you're good as is. Bacon wrapped onions? WHAT IS THIS MAGIC? We love you too dude, seriously that was awesome and you have a fantabulous voice.

  7. great range to your voice... I think you have a cool voice for radio/pocasts

  8. Really you got an awesome voice and even you spelled Djorn or whatever it was. I liked your Indian accent. It was perfect. But you didnt finish with "Thank you! Come again" or "we are like this only"
    I saw one segment in TV about online pediatric nurse course where for hands-on training they took the students to daycare.
    Lengthy podcast but was ok not totally boring.

  9. Your voice isn't bad at all, I hate hearing mine come back to me, I have trust issues too, don't worry haha. Independant is waay better, hopefully you can exterminate the terminate level...haha...I screw with the telemarketers all the time, I make the cat meow into the phone..hahaha

  10. I don't hate the sound of your voice. Where'd you get that impression?
    As for my nails on a chalkboard. Or Roseanne Barr singing the "Star Spangled banner."

  11. By the way, thank goodness for commas. Otherwise, I'd be Bastard Al.

  12. I'll have to listen to this sometime when I'm not about to go out for the night.

  13. for some reason, i can't get the volume working. but judging from the comments, you must sound great :)
    i hate my voice. and myself on video.

  14. Well that was fun - and a surprise... I've only been following you for a short time and I didn't read your profile if you have one, so for however longs it's been I thought you were a girl... until you spoke. Sort of funny since your podcast goes on to say how you see everyone online as guys lol... very ironic!

    Anyway, I thought it was neat and well done - you have a great voice so you'll just have to give up on convincing everyone otherwise. I don't know you well enough to suggest a topic - but maybe I will later.

  15. I think everyone hates the sound of their own voice. For a start when you talk a small bone vibrates in your ear so you don't ever clearly hear the way you talk and mics and stuff distorts it anyway.
    Chin up bro

  16. I hate hearing my voice as well, which makes it very hard when I'm trying to work out lyrics with my band

  17. Hey there, man! Thanks for the shout out (even though I don't remember hearing it on your podcast). If you need some ideas on what to talk about, then why don't you tell us your opinion about the movie below?

    1. I had given you a shout on my first take. After I screwed up, I ended up doing a second, third, and fourth take. On that fourth take, I had somehow neglected you. I will make it up by giving you a real one on my next podcast and viewing this movie. I may give my thoughts, depending on what it is. I haven't checked yet.

  18. I really like your voice, more vlogs :-)

  19. You have a nice voice! I think this voice podcast thing is pretty neato. Kind of adds another personal element to your blog.

  20. Nice post, Podcasts are the way to go! No matter how bad your voice is, dont go T-Pain with the autotune. ANd as a matter of fact, most voices you hear on TV are digitally edited big time!

  21. Great podcast! It's quite nice being able to match a voice to a blog! like a face to a name kinda thing :D