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Friday, July 29, 2011

Part 2: Monstas

Now most of you that know of Sasquatch, ore "Bigfoot" most likely don't view the thing as a monster. My view differs due to a sight I saw  outside of an evil church down a dead end road.

Nick and I had been searching the net for local haunted houses and scary places. We wanted to prove to our other friend, Tyler, who was as skeptical as he was pale when the shit went down, couldn't allow us to go and not see anything without him laughing at us.

 We didn't see a problem with schooling him in the ways of being "scrd", as we'd call it. We set off for the dead end road in Nicks black '84 Trans Am with T tops and hoped for the best and worst.

 "Sorry Ass pansies!", Tyler called us from the back seat. Then he lost all control while laughing at us. He chortled  so hard that he started spewing sputum until he ran out of breath, then sneezed onto the winshield.

 "You're already messing my ride up, man. I can't wait until you're cryin'!", Nick shouted at his bud in the back. He then just leaned back, put one arm out the window to glide with the wind.

 The car seemed to be scooting very slowly, onto the damp red clay road. A fog entered the air in the car. We were all startled by the sheer pronunciation of this energy. Even Tyler took a minute to remind himself to laugh at us. Although this time it was more of a nervous chuckle. I could sense that Nick also felt the bad vibes, but you wouldn't have known it to look in his face. Stern stubbornness mixed with curiosity shone through his lackadaisical expression.

 I was not 'cool', in the least. The fog was getting thicker. The sense of evil getting more intense by the second. I had even looked at Tyler and shook my head to assure him that he was not alone in being scared. I wanted to turn back and gave my friend the go ahead to beg for our lives with the same visual cue.

 "Nick, you gotta turn back, man!", Tyler squawked. "Who cares if you win some egotistical bet, man? Whoo-whoo look at me, I'm dead, but at least I proved to Tyler that ghosts existed before my head got ripped off.". All of this was delivered in the most serious of deadpans that a friend can give another friend.

 Nick didn't give two or three shits to Tyler's begging or my agreeing. He parked at the gate of the scariest small building in the world. You'd expect this amount of evil to be emanating from a grand field, or warehouses, but no this thing was tiny. The roof was the only thing above ground. The other occupants of the property were trees of an old age. Bordered by a forest to the north, a single oak stood across the middle of the building. Nick took the keys and hurled them over the fence. He was still wanting to mess with Tyler. He was now messing with me as well, and I didn't take it very well.

"Alright man, lets hear it for slow poky choky!" I brought out the worst name ever! He hated being called that ever since his childhood, but I wasn't caring about right then. Neither was Nick.The name didn't even affect him, he bounded over the gate before we knew it.

I only got a feeling of safety once. That was when Nick retrieved the keys and put them in his pocket. After that brief vacation from the hell that was this strange place, I lost sight of Nick. So suddenly had I lost track of him. I knew this was a bad sign.

 I knew I was about to see something. Call it 'spidey' sense, intuition, or spiritual harmonics, I could know things before they'd happen just then. I knew to look at the tree line right at the point of the old oak. From there I saw a silhouette run as a shape of Sasquatch through the treeline. This was faster than I've seen any human move. It went from the east end of the forest to the western side of the property so quick that I only spied Nick walking back to the gate because he started into a jog in my side vision.

 He went from walking to running in another second, and with a shot, he bolted over the gate in one bound. He got right in the seat with the keys at the ready. Peeled out and got us the hell on outta there. We'd heard that an army of SUV's usually follow ppl to their destinations and take care of them, but we weren't worried. We were just glad to be gone from that place.

 In addition to my monster sighting, Nick said that he had voices in his ear that sounded just inches from where he stood. Those voices were telling him how they were going to torture and kill then play with his corpse. It was bad, I'd have run as well.

 There's always skeptics, and there's always believers. As long as we can have both and nobody dies, then we're fine. This has turned me from skeptic to believer. If you'd like to leave a comment, or share something similar that happened to you, then please do so below. I'd like to hear that and critiques. Thanks..

Monday, July 25, 2011

UFO's, Monsters, and Ghosts: My experiences seeing the unexplainable Pt.1

 From the days of cavemen drawing strange looking creatures on cave walls to the current youtube vids of strange flying objects, humanity has wondered if we were alone in the universe. I can't really say what I've seen is from another world, but I know it was definitely not something that civilians have not been exposed to.

First, my UFO story. It was before the turn of the century. I was contacted by a childhood friend that had moved away. He was in town and wanted to hang out and find some parties.

 Let me give you some background on my friend. We'll call him John Money, for reasons of privacy. I had met him in junior high scool. We shared many interests, including video games, conspiracy theories, and ufo's. He was by far the biggest prankster and compulsive liar I'd ever known. There were days when he would come to school with stories of being abducted by aliens the previous night. I would always start by telling him that he was full of it, and that there was no proof that his outlandish story had actually happenned. Throughout the day his story would wear on my skepticism so much that I would finally start believing him. Once he knew he gained my trust, he'd spill the beans that it was all made up. I'd get so mad that he'd take advantage of my eventual gullibility, that I'd refuse to hear about his body transfers, monster sightings, and anything else he'd made up.

 Back to the search for a party, we headed out with his new friend 'Colby'. Colby seemed like a cool enough guy, just another party goer for us to joke around with. We piled into John's little Nissan truck and headed to a place up north of town. We had heard that there was a smashing party there. Well, after we got there we noticed that the destination was just full of people like us who were looking for another place to go have fun. They had little to no idea of what to do. After the most boring 15 minutes of our lives, we had decided to get out of there and find our own fun. This is when the sighting happened.

 After bolting out of the door, John ran to his truck and sat facing us from the parking lot. Colby and I looked at each other with facial expressions that echoed "I'm definitely not running". We just kept walking slowly down the sidewalk toward the parking lot when a bright amber light started glowing in the sky. I was staring at it, not really having it register as unusual until I noticed that Colby was watching it too. The light was the same color as some of those street lights and seemed large. We looked from the light to each other and said at the same time "Are you seeing what I'm seeing?". There was no need to answer, we looked back toward the light. It then traced an 'S' shape across the sky before it vanished at the horizon line.

 We both immediately started exclaiming 'UFO'. Jumping up and down in our excitement we were trying to tell John what we saw. He just laughed at us, thinking we were joking around. After getting in the truck, we relayed what we had just witnessed to our mutual friend, Mr. Money. He refused to believe us and chalked the situation up to us trying to 'pull one over' on him. I don't think there was a more appropriate time to see one of those things.

 Have you ever seen a UFO? If so, do you think it was piloted by aliens or part of some secret military project?

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Slap That Wacky With a Ruler Before Posting!

 Hey, everyone! Glad you're patient. I've been wondering what my second post would be.

 Randomness is all around us, so I've sure had lots of ideas. From posting impromptu recipes to making stories out of seemingly unrelated weblinks, my mind has been trying to capture the true essence of random.

 I had a dream this morning. It seemed like the ultimate candidate for a post. There's no real regularity to my dreams, other than they follow a some kind of timeline. I sat up trying to remember the dream in it's totality for quite some time when I realized that most of my dreams hop around and need a bit of filling in the blanks before making it readable in a blog.

 This got me thinking on another thought. The more random a post is, the more unreadable it becomes. There has to be a glue to make it all cohesive and understandable. So, I've decided just to post snippets of the dream that I currently remember.

 I'm standing in a classroom setting. Not a normal classroom, mind you. This is a converted doctors office with carpet everywhere. Cubicles covered in the brownish carpeting are placed throughout the space. I sense that I'm late for something, but have not heard the instructions. 

 "Sit down and start the test", the stern looking teacher tells me. She's got more wrinkles than the walls have carpet, but her tone puts such a fear into me that I can't move at first. I'm broken from the spell when I hear a mumbling from the left side of the partitioned corridor. 

 It was the first question! The students are asking the questions to the test. I quickly move toward the sound and find that all of my classmates are younger than I am and that everyone else has heard what I couldn't make out. I take a seat diagonal to this speaker and say something about speaking up.

 I look down at my paper. It has a multiple choice style answer sheet with a comment line for every question. I don't understand, but strain to hear what the guy who's going over question one again is saying. I still don't hear him, so in the comment field I write, "Could not hear, no applicable answer".

 The digital bell rings and everyone else hands in their paper to the prune witch in the center of the padded cells. I don't wish to agitate her or even make eye contact, so I proceed to look about for something else to do.

 The strongest part about these snippets of this dream is the anxiety that I felt when I realized I needed to find a seat and start taking the test. It gave me a larger sense of dread than when I looked into the angst riddled eyes of the teacher. There were other parts of the dream that had better feelings, but those were too fragmented to make into paragraphs. Either I will get better at remembering, or start to embellish more to plot out my brains entertainment for you.

 I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did writing it. Dreaming is fun, remembering is also fun. Now if I could just do both at the same time!

 Take care, and don't forget to leave suggestions or comments for me. I exist for interaction.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Randoomblog Premier Post!

Welcome to the Randoomness!

This blog mainly focuses on things of a random nature.

You can use this blog as a place just to get away and catch
a different point of view on almost anything in the world.

I will post pictures, write trains of thought, and
basically pander to the universe's chaotic
random nature.

Thank you for following me and 
for your troubles, 
I'll post a nice little