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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Limbo or Disconnectivity


 I've temporarily taken this blog out  of stasis to get a few things down about how this year is progressing. Yeah, an update post, which may or may not be regarded as a real post.

 The learning by myself has been going ok. I had downloaded some pretty cool tutorials, only some of which I could actually use. I made this pretty lighthouse scene with it.

Watch out for those pixelated rocks!

 I've also worked on a few products/inventions that I had in my head, but had never put into graphics. I'm only going to tease with this, since the subjects involved are very sensitive. I'm in the midst of coming up with:

 Atmospheric Cylindrical Return Toy- A boomerang that's not actually a boomerang.

 The PPP unit. This thing takes reaching out to touch someone to a different level. Many levels, ha!

 Trampogine- A power generation unit that takes the energy from footfalls and converts it to various other
 types of energy.

 On the living front, I feel as if I live in the Antarctic sometimes. The city here doesn't provide free wi-fi, and the state and country are on the same page with the lack of access, so I'm floundering most of the time to figure something out using old-world methods that just aren't good enough.

 My . occupation at the moment is one of bad houskeeper and so-so personal chef. I get room, board,  and revelries out of the bargain, but without some spending and saving cash, I despair to think what would happen if this were my permanent and last occupation. 

 I thought about doing a little political piece who's working title is "The Mexicanization of the U.S.". It would feature the reasons why I feel that the NLR(Non-Legal-Residents)s should not be given amnesty and allowed to become citizens of the U.S. without taking the legal and prescribed steps already laid out. I'm all for immigration, this country is a melting pot. But most of the ingredients added lately were legal, meaning they learned all they could about the process and took it upon themselves to learn about our ways and laws. Out of all of the reasons why they don't wish to take the test, some of the nlrs I've spoken to tell me it's because they do not wish to speak english, nor do they want to know the laws. That is a very scary thing to me. If I were wanting to become a citizen of any other land, I would do everything I could to learn the ways and tongue of the place. This 'language discrimination' does not only tie in with illegal immigrants, it also goes deep to the heart of our institutes of higher learning. 

 Okay, if I go any further, I'd have written that post, so I'll just leave that there as a tease. To clear up any assumptions of me being intolerant, I attest that I have friends of all creeds, colors, and religions. My enemies, however, only come in one flavor. Guess.

 So, I'm very glad to have been able to write this and put the picture here for you today. The more I stay away from posting, the closer I am to dying without saying all that I have to say. Let's hope that doesn't happen.