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Friday, March 22, 2013


Hey, Hay, Eh!

I found an errant wi-fi connection, that seems a bit faster than the old dial-up modems I used to use way back when so I'm glad to be able to put up this post for you all. I hope you'll understand when I tell you that it would be nearly improbable for me to upload a picture or visit after posting. I will not try the picture, but I will try a few visits.

 I will now rant about various things irking me today, for I woke up in one of the foulest moods for what seemed like no reason at all.

 Roomates- How many times have I told myself never to have one again? But yet it keeps happening like a broken DVR that re-records the same lame episodes of Roseanne, save without the eye candy that is Becky#2.

 I've been staying put out in the digital boonies with a roomate. Without the interneck we are forced to play primitive video games, watch old dvd's, and sometimes just converse. All three things would be fun if it weren't for his penchant for arguing.

 I thought I was the king of arguing until I stepped into his abode. One of his favorite pastimes is to get me into a discussion only to tell me that I love to argue. Duh! That's a given, but most times I am not the one initiating the arguing points. He is under the belief that everything he thinks is right and I'm wrong about everything. I'm usually only wrong about two things. Women and jobs. Everything else seems to have a right rigid place in my world. He doesn't see it that way and probably never will.

 Wifi-  There are whole cities with free wi-fi access for it's citizens and visitors. How can this be? Why do some cities like Philidelphia embrace such a great cause while my own backwater hole does nothing but cram the airwaves with secure network after secure network. It is my belief that if a person wanted to have a truly secure network, they would not broadcast the SSID. But for some reason, it's as if they know others like me have little to no means to obtain very expensive internet service and want to wave the internet they can only enjoy in their poor faces.

 They tell me, "Go to McDonalds, they have free wi-fi".   Well, they also have menu items, policies and practices that I cannot afford, do not condone, and will never be a part of. I would not cry if somehow every McDonalds and Walmart in the world were inexplicably vaporized one starry night.

 Back to wi-fi. The only place near me that has it is a bar. I have been told that I do not have to spend any money in order to surf, but that is very bad form. If you have as little money as I do and you're in a bar, you're a cadge. So when I do get a little spending cash, I get strange looks from the regulars when I order my soda  and sit in the corner.

 I found a phone on the ground the other day. Finding something this personal is strange to me. If it were just a twenty dollar bill(which is about what the phone was worth), I would just go and spend it, not knowing anything about the person who dropped it. But no, this piece of electronics was chock full of this person's information. I did feel a tinge of regret when going through the photos and videos, but some of them were quite funny. Someone asked me if I were going to do the 'right' thing and return it. I told them no because although I do own a blackberry, the phone I found includes not only a camera, but a voice recorder app and a radio. The blackberry I had obtained was so old that there is no camera, and no way to listen to anything other than the very old ringtones. Rim technologies should have been ashamed of themselves when coming out with that particular device. If someone told them at the inception of it's creation that someone would prefer a tracphone to their device, they would have laughed until they puked. I'm not laughing, nor puking. Haha.

 Google Cars, or the driverless vehicle- I am a huge fan of this branch of innovation. I myself have lived through 4 car accidents and will never drive again. I've come to terms with being a pedestrian all of my life. Then I hear about the driverless vehicle and start dreaming. Some of those dreams are fluffy and light, but others end in calamity. Example.

 The first google car to be purchased may do very well. It may do so well that another thousand of them are bought( Universe knows I won't be able to afford one). But once a driverless vehicle gets into a crash, all bets will be off. The victims in both vehicles will be justly compensated in their choice of google glasses or stock options(I can sense people will go for the glasses), leaving the rest of the driverless fleet grounded until legislation can be passed to make the safer roads even more safer. So, these thousand or so people who buy one and get all fuzzy inside will regret their purchase when all of them are shut-down and they are offered cab rides and carpools to ease their pains.

 I don't mean to be a ninny, but I'm very certain that only a portion of drivers would go to a driverless car. Part of the allure of driving is having control. If you told someone that you can make them safer by taking away control, they'd tell you 'no thanks'. So about the only people who will buy into this phenomenon are the drunk, the blind, and the hopeless pedestrians like me(well like me but with enough money to buy a car). That's not enough to matter. It won't change the world to make it a safer place. Until people relinquish their perceived control, the driverless car will travel nowhere.

 That's it for now, but I'll be popping in a bit more frequently. For it is spring, and my heart has sprung. I may be old, but I'm not dead. I refuse to do that alone.

 So until next time, have the most fun you can!