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Sunday, March 4, 2012

I recorded my number two

Now some comment and reading, if the darn connection will let me. If I don't get to you today, expect tons tomorrow.


  1. BLAHBITTYBLAH lololol.

    OH HEY, by the way...when'd you change the Randoom logo? I ain't complainin', quite the opposite!

    Hell, if yer interviewin' motherfuckers, I'll slip ya my phone number, we'll talk. I was a butt-chin, I'd be empowered by that last statement. :D

    I'm just sayin' bro...but yeah, keep it up! Diggin' on yer Doomcasts, bro~!

    1. Header was created by Ben at

      He does great work.

      And I finished the interview with you. Great stuff, let's hope all these mofrackas are ready for walls and walls of text! Yipee!

  2. I love that I get to hear your voice!!! hahaha

    I'm sure AT&T doesn't hate your computer. It's all in your head. And no worries about the carding! I alwaysss get carded. Sigh...

  3. nice audio visualisation....seems everyone is getting into this pod-casting. Looking forward to the review and interview.

  4. I haven't shaved in quite some time, but I don't grow facial hair fast and it doesn't take long at all to get rid of. It's trippy to put the glow equilizer on while listening and I still love your voice dude.

  5. I enjoyed this one too. Love the randomness and ease. Looking forward to that review.

  6. "...D4--Shout out." I giggled.

    I look forward to the review. And I know the feeling of shaving and getting carded. And I also look forward to review time. Canned excitement.

  7. I want to know what that short film is now!

  8. Wonderful, keep up the excellent work.

  9. you sound like my French friend...the way you speak
    i like :p

  10. LOL I get carded too, but hey who cares at least we will look young when we are supposed to look old. Internet issues suck, such a pain. Yeah I was slow but tell AT&T where to go.

  11. I myself always type my posts on wordpad then copy past them on to blogger. (Blogger messes up too much for me!)

    Great job on the podcase by the way! You could be in radio!