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Sunday, June 8, 2014

So, you want to teleport, do you?

I also would enjoy the instantaneous travel amenities that teleportation would have. Imagine paying a little more for your belly to be full with yummy veggie candy before you port to your destination?

Or how about having everyone on a contest set the hair growing function to max, and you all show up very covered in hair to guess who each other are. Winner get's to have a shear and shave first.

Just some of the randoom thoughts going through my head about now. They always happen, never really stopping. I'm certainly not down about that, even if it does cause quite a few difficulties in the 'normal' world. Not here, no. This is a place that I can just let my randoomness exploid into wonderfully insane happiness for everyone on the internet to either find and smile or pass by unaware.

 I made a logo for myself today. It really didn't take much time, so I'm thinking that means I might need to spend a little more on it to give it some extras. Here's the first version.

The first thoughts I have are Seventies(as in that time period that was groovy enough to produce Feline Stevens) and Gumby, also from that era.

 Might be considered a bit funkadelic, but I'm ready to roll with it, anyway.

On the real life front, I am gaining ground as a mentor while slipping as a breadwinner. My sage-like advice has been taken by a light-seeing friend and his payoffs are astounding.

 Been working a few odd jobs. One for this homo(now just wait aminute, I'm all for the gay peeps, homo is just short for Home Owner), who won big on a betting tip from me. Being the millionaire and rich person that he is, he shared none of his winnings. Fair enough, I say, because I chose not to spend my last fifty bucks on a longshot.

 Girlfriends are nice, but they are even nicer if you don't see them very often. That's how I feel right now, or at least what I tell myself when I'm alone and wish for her company. We have a nice, neat arrangement that doesn't let feelings ruin the fun. It's a strange day, indeed, when I start chucking feelings for a relationship. But it happened. Hopefully it continues for quite some time. My favorite part about it is the double dating. I am mad about double dates! So much so that I kinda want everyone to agree to have them filmed. I don't have the car salesman chops to pull that off, though. I hang out with too many private people for them to agree to something like that. Oh well, I can always have my way in my fantasies.

 So thanks for stopping by, having a little look at my new logo and learning just a bit more about me. I'm happy to have you here. Keep kicking gluteus shaped things!