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Disclaimer: This list is not complete, if you do not find yourself here, it could possibly be because I have yet to place you on here. Time is a commodity that I find thinner than the boundary between reality and dreams.

Here is the list of blogs that I love to visit and comment(when I have the time) in no particular order;

Barefoot Girl - Jéanne is very free soul that blogs about all sorts of real subjects. She's been known to help learners and teachers through her blog and comments.

Mark's The Rambling Person at A blogger that I look up to for his consistency as well as honesty.  He posts supremely quality material very often and also finds the time to put well thought-out comments on a lot of other blogs.

Shaw's Se7en Points at - The video game world is much easier to transverse once you've had a viewing of the latest and greatest here. You're in for some awesome gaming time and a giggle and guffaw or two as well.

Pope Timothy Bowen's Oh My Eris! at He's got a great head for new religion, and having a mighty good time doing so! He's got a soft spot in his heart for K-pop and budding writers like me.

 Copyboy at A writer with a flair for the comedic and entertaining. He also puts up blog of the day and new blog of the day to share other such goodness with you.

That Bastard From Bellinham at and 5 others~! Yes, this Bastard has the audacity to have 6 blogs! The great thing is that they all have different aims and are written with a style that keeps you wanting more! I'll let you see the other 5 on your own, you'll thank me later. Tell him that Shock sent you.

 meandmythinkingcap at Movie and TV reviews as well as posts about current events are just some of the things that you can find here. Make sure to put on your own thought device, as this blog will having you using your noodle!

 T. Roger Thomas at - T. Roger give us advances in computing, technology, world affairs, the struggle of the middle class in America, famous authors, computer programming, well-designed things and anything I come across that makes me want to exclaim, "Why did I not know about this before?”

 A Beer for the Shower at - There are two hilarious guys that creatively meld their minds together to produce this blog. It is always great to view the cartoons and hilarity that they provide through their site and comments.

 Pickelope at I'm into humorous writing. That being said, Pickelope has both that and a very unique name. Double greatness there, give pickelope a read and follow to experience the wonder as I do.

 My2Pesos at - I go here to revel in the wild information and great thoughts that spawn from the posts and comments that My2Pesos provides.

Dylanthulu's (un)sacred Gems at A plethora of music reviews and current releases are to be enjoyed over here. I've heard more bands that I've never heard of here than anywhere else.  Go on to the page and discover with me.

Baur's  !One a Day Tech! at Like the title, it's a tech blog that is updated daily. I get giddy when I read of news on tech from Baur's page. Look and thank me later.

also i'm now using this page as a jumping off point to those I usually comment and get comments from

much love

Jenna Hughes
Jimmy Fungus
Al Penwasser
Jaya J
Leon Kennedy

Pat Hatt
Youngman Brown
The Vacuum Enthusiast
 Lord Phrozen


  1. dfashljsahfkjargle DUUUUUDE! Thanks for the list, brah!!!

    I am SO sacrificing an alpaca tonight in yer name, Shock!

  2. UPDATE:

    All six blogs. Plus I'm making two more.

    Fuck. Yes. Son.