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Sunday, February 18, 2018


I've been watching TV shows again. 

 I'm enthralled with comedies. These distractions of laughter are sometimes what I think I need at the time. They feel good.

 On the scholastic front, my nose is still inside the book. Not too far in to where I can't focus on the words, though. There's a danger in that.

 I'm picking up projects, dropping others, and putting some on hold for now.

  The best thing about my newest project is that I can use the experience to help the homeless. Yay! Let's destigmatize this group!
  Another project I have utilizes my graphical prowress. I know I don't have many good examples here, but maybe I'll share some soon.
  Writing is now back in vogue. I have neglected my own creative spirit by only writing for sholastic reasons, but now other realms are opening to me. 
All this time, and I still defy life by being single. Not just a bachelor, but a loner. I have a social life, but not one that involves anything

akin to a relationship. Those don't come my way often, but I'm glad to say that I trust that they will continue.

 I'm writing a poem currently, here's the plot:

  1.  Hungry Traveler walking down a path
  2.   notices a beetle crossing ahead of him
  3.   Traveler stops, so does beetle.
  4.   Traveler entices the beetle to cross by drawing a line in the path with a stick.
  5.   Beetle crosses the path and leads traveller to money.
  6.   Traveler heads back the way he came.
  7.   Traveler returns to beetle and lays before him a meal that costs all of the funds.
  8.   Traveler walks away.

Here's a shiny desktop wallpaper I made recently:

The shape I see when I think of the world/universe

Wednesday, April 20, 2016



I'm trapped. I have no weapons and no way out. They're right on the other side of this wall, looking for me. They've got guns, and a confidence that smells the opposite of fear.


Why couldn't I have just gone to the movies with Brent to see Spy Guy 5? But I just had to
call Jessica to get a piece before high-tailing it to Canada. She required a high I couldn't get her, so she had me escort her to her friend Gino's. Fine, except Gino had me check my weapons at the door, plus he was my nemesis Elias' confidant.


Before I knew it, Jessica just left without saying goodbye. Gino's goons were all about getting at me, but I ran and shut myself in Gino's stinky bathroom.


Oh god! Why doesn't this cromagnon flush his leavings? Now that I looked at it, I can smell it. It's the only thing I smell now. I'm going to puke.


I have no way of getting out of this if I'm hurling. I'll use the trick Spy Guy uses in the third movie where he used cotton balls in his nostrils to not smell the knockout gas.


They're almost through the door, what am I supposed to do? I've played Spy Guy the video game so much that I shouldn't be lacking a weapon. But all I do to react to this life threatening moment is to make my hands into a pretend gun and think positive thoughts like "maybe these guys will drop their guns, slap five, turn around and take Gino to the movies"


They're through the door. I pop off two rounds with my hand gun, shooting them both with the power of my positive thoughts

They immediately release their weapons, smile at each other, high five, then turn and go about grabbing Gino up from the couch while talking excitedly about the newest Hello Doggie flick.

I look at my hands in disbelief as I hear distanced cussing as the thugs do my bidding.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Third post this year = Active

                            Hi Again!

It's true that I've been absent often lately, but that is in no way due to my lack of love for this medium. I still love writing, and it's with this joy that I jot t his down for you.

In the near future, I will teach a person about blogging and content creation. This will be the first post she sees that I have written, so it should have at least some substance to it. Now to the meat of what I've been up to.

Higher education also means higher methods of deception. I'm pretty bitter for the ropes and hoops I've been led through, but I am grateful to obtain a piece of paper next spring.

Greedy administrators do not outweigh great teachers. This is one of the ways that they are allowed by the student body to continue their traditions of lies, greed, and manipulation. My professors are as powerless as I am in ridding this system of it's evils, so they just do their jobs as well as they can. They are people who truly care about and for students. A great prof is worth over a hundred shitty administrators. They know this and stick to this ratio, more or less.

End of term implosions happen. I tend to be a bad student near the end and a great student at the outset. My motivation for a brighter future isn't waning. I want success and stumble when I contact any resistance with the system that's supposed to be designed to support me.

But I'm graduating, so what doesn't kill me makes me stronger, right?

Speaking of strength, I had an opportunity to participate in something that built my muscles up that I also found very fun. Stand-up Paddleboarding. Sup, for short, it is a water activity using a longboard and a paddle. Just balancing on the board works most of the muscles in the body. Stamina and endurance comes to those who really work through the water with the paddle. And rest times are supremely serene with slow floating scenes setting a very relaxed pace.

I'm not sure what kind of milestone this is, but I'm working on my tenth year of not driving. It has been very hard to adjust at times, but I am so glad to not have to own or drive a vehicle. 

I'm still unmarried. That does make me happy! I'm in no way a player or typical bachelor, so my reasoning isn't what you hear from those types. It's mostly that I want to make sure that I fully love myself before I open up to "the one". I may never be ready, but that's OK.

I've yet to realise my ulimate perception of success. I will know that I have if I wake up each day crying tears of joy. Here's to those days!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Is that Cupid hooked up to a transfusion machine?

Hello folks! I'm still here and gone at the same time, just like all of our favorite mythical creatures.

Speaking of mythical creatures, I've placed Cupid's name in the title because he is the closest to a god-baby there is.

Why a god-baby? Youth and vitality. These are two of the things that those that seek the proverbial 'fountain of youth' are looking for.

Who are these proponents of reversing the aging process? Mainly the rich and famous. They've surely had meetings that I've not neen invited to. I don't blame them, I'm poor and nearly anonymous.

Here's an imagines excerpt of one of those meetings;

Celebrity #1: You're telling me that you now have a new illegal procedure that can reverse my age, but you're telling me that I can't take part in it?

Rich Doctor #1: Exactly, although we know you'd benefit most from being transfused with the blood of ten infants, you are way too visible on the TV screen. People would see you literally younger and know that plastic surgery is nowhere near doing that for you. You've got to keep your baldness and wrinkles so the public can't tell this is happening.

Celebrity #1: Well then, I'll just expose you and your evil doings, then nobody gets the treatment.

A gun is then pointed towards Celeb #1

Rich Doctor #1: We're very sorry you feel this way, but if you can be persuaded to reconsider your position and help us screen this from public knowledge, we will do our best at giving you almost anything else that you wish. What do you wish for?

The aged celebrity's facial featurrs change from scared and worried to happy and elated. He motions the Dr.'s aide over and salivates before whispering his evil desires into the aide's ear.

The aide then whispers into the doctor's ear the request.

Rich Doctor#1: It seems we can accommodate you. Victor, see to it that this man's needs are met.

Celebrity #1 is escorted from the boardroom with a smile on his wrinkled face and an extra bit of pep in his step.

Rich Doctor#1: Anyone else have questions?

Celebrity#2 raises his hand, and is called upon to make his query.

Celebrity#2: I'm just as visible and old as Celebrity #1, why aren't you telling me to kick rocks?

Rich Doctor#2: We feel that your people age differently than us. Enough so that we can explain away your sudden glow. Plus, your reach in getting us more clientele is great. You scratch our back, we take away your bursitis with baby's blood.

Celeb#2: Yup, I'm down with that. I'll get you all tons of peeps to hook up to those miracle babies.

Doctor#2: The true miracle is all those mothers and fathers that give us their babies.

Everybody laughs and creates lines that will be erased on their next transfusion.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Phunny Singularites

So, now anyone can get married to whatever they wish. That does not excite me because I have not planned on taking up that ball and chain.

I've been planning a party for myself using my never-been-married status as the reason for celebration. Many people need excuses to have a great time, but I live everyday with the little things that make a huge impact.

I may fail at a lot if things, but one thing that I don't make any mistakes in my love for myself and the whole of humanity.

I hope this makes sense.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

There's always more room for dessert

Heyas! School is stressful, but rewarding. I said that I'd never do some things, but somehow I've done them. One of those nevers is owning a smartphone.  They are supposed to make your life easier somehow,  but I just got so tired of seeing downcast eyes instead of being met with genuine human eye contact.  .Updated blogs and the ability to continue my long term goals.

So I'm here until I'm gone again. Until next time, keep on living the life you were meant to live.

Here are a couple of curious sculptures for pondering and contemplation.

I love confident women who smile so bright.
Pre-history also had thunder cats. 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

We jest about the serious

I came up to a buddy and started going in for the handshake, then collapsed into a fist for a bump, then folded the elbow and stuck it out. It stuck and I'll be ebola free, just my friends and me!