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Monday, March 5, 2012

Japanese Short Review After a Rant About Gremlins

Okay, here we go.

My last Doomcast(thanks for that name, kinda fits, in an opposite nickname sort of way), had a part at the end where I asked for ideas.

D4 wanted me to interview someone. That someone ended up to be That Bastard From Bellingham. I find his stories and walls of text to be pretty darn inviting, and wanted to know more about the man behind the  8 blogs.

It took a while to get the logistics down, but we had finally met up in  a G+ hangout. I had only done one hangout before then, so I am still a fledgling hanger-outer. That said, I thought the rules governing chats also applied to hangouts*this comes into play later.

We had a blast for about an hour and a half. Me questioning Bast, him answering in kind. It was a smooth process all the way through, with a couple of randoom pop-ins by a couple of wanderers. We really had a lot of fun, and I even changed my twitter status to a shortened version of one of the answers.

After it was all said and done, the gremlins hit. Those little malevolent, mischievous little buggers erased the whole chat somehow! I searched help sections for a few hours, looking for any way I could retrieve our interview. I was aghast to learn that the only chats that are saved are ones from the gmail main page. Then why did it tell me that the pop-ins were off the record? The whole chat was off the record, sheesh!

 I have since sent an apology and message to Bast, asking forgiveness and another time set aside for the interview. If all goes well, and without gremlins, expect the interview tomorrow.

For today I give you a scene from a short film from Japan.

I do not know the name of the film, but I have seen it in a collection of shorts called Wholphin. I'd watch these with my mother because we're both into odd and short. This is a part of one of those films. It doesn't start with the beginning, so I'm not sure what we've missed, but with these kind of things, you can pretty much pick up at any point and have the same level of understanding/confusion.

I have screencaps to provide you, as well as a description of the scene in order.

The scene opens with "Tony" locking the doors. He sounds pretty upset about something. I wonder what's got him all worked up.
I need a jacket with "Ruki" on it now.

Looks like there's a parasite attached to one of the tennis players' armpit. I've never heard of such a creature, but I'm sure my Brute deodorant works double duty in repelling women as well as this kind of sucker.

At least she shaved, right?

A doctor is called in. He's acting like he's seen this kind of thing before. He seems to really know his parasites, because even without seeing any junk, he already knows the sucker's gender.

Yup, those look like male suckers to me.

The thing is scaly, but the doctor yanks the outer shell off to reveal that it's a little person!
This is what my face looks like when I'm concentrating.

        The doctor has a technique for getting this little guy to let go. Chastising him. I know it makes me want to flee when I'm yelled at, so why would a little guy parasite be any different?

Coffee breath is yum.

He then goes a little further by accusing the parasite of being a pedo because the first tactic of just shaming someone by saying they should be ashamed did not work.

What? I like Peter Pan, and I want to fly. I don't want to die, though.

 When that doesn't do the job, he gets a little more physical with the bloodsucker while still insulting him still..

Don't ask me, because I really don't know.

After squeezing some goo from the parasite, the doc finds a hard piece in his, um, tentacle. He squeezes that out to find that it's a name stamp.

What else would fit there?

The doc finds out that his name is Yamada after using the stamp on Tony's clipboard. I liked this part, mostly because when the doc keeps saying it it sort of sounds like "Your motha". Hahaha, your mama jokes get me, even when they're not "Yo mama" jokes.

I'm so ashamed of my common name. Wait, Shock isn't that common, is it?

After saying "Yamada" tons of times and making the little thing so ashamed of itself, it unhinges form the tennis player's underarm.
He was checking for hairs, I knew it!

                             What a doctor! He has saved the day, but gives a puzzling prognosis.
You think? You did not take 6 years of med school to think! You must know!

I liked this short. Mostly because it was so bizarre. I'm into bizarre and was really glad that Lord Phrozen gave the idea to review this. I'm sure he did not realize that I had already watched this film and enjoyed it.

I hope you've enjoyed this review. 

Until next time!


  1. Ooohhh. Sorry about that chat mishap. Gremlins just aren't are friends.

    And that was a different sort of thing there, that Japanese short. I'm still giggling about the "Yo motha" closeness.

  2. I love the weird stuff too and the Japanese are skilled at providing it.

    Check out Machine Girl. Great, strange movie.

  3. what in sweet jesus god is that?

  4. Awww so sorry that your interview was lost! Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun... I would love to have read it.

    Hopefully your apology will be accepted and we'll all be back here tomorrow for the remake!

    The film review was hysterical and, once again, so very random. And yes, thank goodness she shaved!

    I look forward to your next instalment :-)

  5. Sounds like a legit doctor. No reason to doubt his skills.

  6. fjalgjalkreagkargle.


    Y'knooooow, if we were at a different chat client, it would've all been there. Or just copy-pasta the whole thing to wordpad. ::chuckles::

    BUT, you're in luck sir - I am feeling magnamous...magnanomous...generous and am willing to do a second interview. I dunno if I'll be able to give EXACTRY the same answers, but I'm certain I can still summon up the gusto to have a go at it again.

    SO, what client shall we use this time though? Faecbawks? mIRC? I'm cool with just about anything. ^^

    1. You shall pick the place and time, good sir. My choices weren't the best, hehe. Thanks for the second chance.

    2. OH, and the movie is called Funky Forest: The First Movement or somethin' like that.

      Oh god, don't ask me how I know this. Don't ask me if I've seen this movie or not, or even this segment.

      Don't wanna talk about it.



  7. Haha...that was funny...fortunately, or unfortunately (probably the latter)...the main character in the flick is wearing a jacket with my nickname written on it.

  8. OH! You're on right now? Well, here...give me half an hour. I need breakfast and coffee, then when I've brushed my teef we shall do this, yes?

    Um. Hmm. Aren't we already Faecbawks bros? No, wait, I hate the faecbawks....

    I reckon we can try the hangout again, just this time periodically back up a wordpad/notepad file with some copypasta. :D

    Half an hour~!

  9. I know how it goes, but I want to see it anyway o_o

  10. Japan everybody! Let's give then a round of applause for raising the WTF bar yet again

  11. Dude. Dude, hey dude. If you can record a voice chat then I'm really up for an interview myself too. That short really seems incredibly weird and bizarre. But hey, that's Japan. I'm surprised it's not a porno.

  12. That Japanese short does look bizarre! I would like to watch this; where did you find it? Perhaps some kind soul put it on Demonoid...I hope.

    I must admit that the review and the images had me laughing somewhat. The little creature was even Japanese looking. lol And why did the little bugger affix himself to the girls armpit. Was that so the DP could get the armpit and the girl's face in the shot?

    Anyway, it looks crazy and worth checking out. Let me know where I can get this if you have the time.

  13. Wow that does seem quite weird indeed, Peter Pan remark had me damn gremlins. Aren't you supposed to always buy American made or those things come out?..hahaha...who had to go and feed them after midnight or get them wet. You need bright light on to keep them away next time.

  14. Between the armpit critters and dinosaurs, no WAY I'm visiting Japan.

  15. Too bad, I wanted to select one of those 8 blogs and see what this great popular guy with name Bastard had that many had been talking about.
    And I totally could translate those gibberish he had typed. Sorry Shockgrubz.
    And this Japanese movie - supernatural, out of the world creepiness and freaky. Kinda looks like dreamcatcher alien. Why on earth do they take movies like this?

    1. Since the interview is u, I'm sure you've got a little taste. Getting better by the day, I'm seeing.

      I've not seen dreamcatcher, but the alien is kinda cute. I think they make movies like this to just get folks to arch an eyebrow or two.

  16. LOL This cracked me up! You can't go blaming gremlins for things now...hahaha

    1. Glad you laughed. And sometimes it really is the Gremlins fault! Really, they do exist to cause havoc. I hope you never have to realize that, really.

  17. I remember your G+ hang out. Got an invitation as well. I haven`t really been using G+ so it was rahter surprising to go to Google to do some searches and notice that I had an invitation to a hang out. Unfortunately, I couldn`t join. I was experiencing some technical difficulties. Maybe next time.
    That Japanese short film looks entertaining.

  18. Well, that was different.

    I read your interview already (I'm catching up). Am impressed that was a second go :-)

    1. Thanks for catching up. I shall attempt to do the same. I'm to be out of town here soon and could be very late in doing so.

  19. what is that naked old guy doing in the background in the last pictures?

    1. Not sure. I remember the film had to deal with other tennis players as well, but I don't really remember his role in this scene.

  20. Hi! Please follow my blog. Thanx..

  21. Oh god, I've already seen this and it is so freakin' weird

  22. That film looks ridiculous and awesome and now I MUST find it!

  23. I love watching bizarre stuff like this so I'm glad we had the same taste. For a badass bloodsucker, I find Yamada to be quite adorable actually.

  24. FYI, the movie's name is FUNKY FOREST: The First Contact.