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Graphix Requests

This is the tab for graphics requests. I have made an open call to anyone who needs/wants any buttons, banners, web graphics. Some of you chose to respond with a request. I thank you for the opportunity to gain in experience while gifting you these pixels.

 I am in no way a professional, but I do wish to get better at the craft. Aside from doing the actual work, I am also going to document how I do each one.

 This page also makes it easier to make a queue. A line of sorts, just in case this little 'free' area becomes popular, you can click here and see where I am with your order.

 I am now finished with The Angry Lurker's button.

 For this button I used three programs.

 Apophysis- for the flame fractal used to outline the inner part of the button.

 Corel Texture- To make the repeating ripple/oval pattern contained within the flame.

 Gimp 2.0- To place the text, as well as cutout the flame and add a frame and background.

 This went fairly easy, but there were some difficulties.

 First, I wanted to see what the Create>Button command would do for me in Gimp. That's the exact point in time that the program started fecking up on me.

 Now it won't show any of the additional windows when I choose a preset or plug-in. I was able to still utilize the program, but it seems to get it back to proper working order, I will have to wipe it out and re-install the bugger.

 Without further prattling of my fingertips, I give you-more text


That was the size I worked on it with. I like doing that and then downsizing to actual button size. Makes it a bit easier.

I did  a 320X240, and a 160x120. I worked at 640x480 resolution because I am a bit challenged of sight(blind in my left eye, and lacking sharpness in my right). I'd put them all here, but my connection today is very spotty at best, so I'll put the final one here(if it'll let me).
Kinda looks like a hot/sour candy

An angry lurker button. Maybe I should have just put angry.

KAOS radio logo for That Bastard From Bellingham.

For That Bastard


  1. Cool, I was hoping so. It's a pleasure to have provided them to you.




  3. For your first of hopefully many custom jobs, I had misplaced the text. I was going to re-fix the words over when the definition of chaos came to mind. So in the name of chaos, your logo has some human mistakes within.