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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Is that Cupid hooked up to a transfusion machine?

Hello folks! I'm still here and gone at the same time, just like all of our favorite mythical creatures.

Speaking of mythical creatures, I've placed Cupid's name in the title because he is the closest to a god-baby there is.

Why a god-baby? Youth and vitality. These are two of the things that those that seek the proverbial 'fountain of youth' are looking for.

Who are these proponents of reversing the aging process? Mainly the rich and famous. They've surely had meetings that I've not neen invited to. I don't blame them, I'm poor and nearly anonymous.

Here's an imagines excerpt of one of those meetings;

Celebrity #1: You're telling me that you now have a new illegal procedure that can reverse my age, but you're telling me that I can't take part in it?

Rich Doctor #1: Exactly, although we know you'd benefit most from being transfused with the blood of ten infants, you are way too visible on the TV screen. People would see you literally younger and know that plastic surgery is nowhere near doing that for you. You've got to keep your baldness and wrinkles so the public can't tell this is happening.

Celebrity #1: Well then, I'll just expose you and your evil doings, then nobody gets the treatment.

A gun is then pointed towards Celeb #1

Rich Doctor #1: We're very sorry you feel this way, but if you can be persuaded to reconsider your position and help us screen this from public knowledge, we will do our best at giving you almost anything else that you wish. What do you wish for?

The aged celebrity's facial featurrs change from scared and worried to happy and elated. He motions the Dr.'s aide over and salivates before whispering his evil desires into the aide's ear.

The aide then whispers into the doctor's ear the request.

Rich Doctor#1: It seems we can accommodate you. Victor, see to it that this man's needs are met.

Celebrity #1 is escorted from the boardroom with a smile on his wrinkled face and an extra bit of pep in his step.

Rich Doctor#1: Anyone else have questions?

Celebrity#2 raises his hand, and is called upon to make his query.

Celebrity#2: I'm just as visible and old as Celebrity #1, why aren't you telling me to kick rocks?

Rich Doctor#2: We feel that your people age differently than us. Enough so that we can explain away your sudden glow. Plus, your reach in getting us more clientele is great. You scratch our back, we take away your bursitis with baby's blood.

Celeb#2: Yup, I'm down with that. I'll get you all tons of peeps to hook up to those miracle babies.

Doctor#2: The true miracle is all those mothers and fathers that give us their babies.

Everybody laughs and creates lines that will be erased on their next transfusion.