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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Accidentally defeating my non-enemies

So, I bike up this road and see a crossing snake. I'm usually very terrified of snakes, sometimes to the point of

an unreasonable fear. Although I have learned about them, I still shuck most rational thought when I see one.

Not this one I was riding up on. I recognized it to be one of the best types of snakes, the kingsnake.

First of all, it's name fits, as it eats other snakes. Especially the poisonous ones that could kill a human. So

after spotting the monarch of reptiles crossing the road, I stop to allow it's progress to the other side. I was

too late, my skidding tires had startled the slithering traveller into stopping on the asphalt as an approaching

jeep crested the hill.

I cringed as I heard the 'thud-thud'. Hopefully his soul left his six foot long body before rebounding to a ring

four foot above the tarmac.

I was saddened.

A song for my least hated enemy species:

"C'mon, Kingy"

 "go fast make it across!"

 "Don't be scared of me"

 "I'm sorry for your loss"

"Damn stinky jeep"

 "With your moldy cloth cover"

 "Go rot in a heap"

 "for killing my favorite enemy".


  1. You know, stuff like this happens more than you'd think.

  2. I lol'd. At the poem not the poor snakes death :(

  3. Im scared shitless of snakes, so i can understand where this is coming from.

  4. my jeep is full of stinky hockey equipment as i a type this :D

  5. Poor snake, it was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Still...Tells you a little about the inevitable fate of cannibals, they get crushed.

  6. well that snake won't be doing THAT again lol

  7. snake souls, that's weird to think about

  8. thanks for visiting my blog :) following you now