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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Prose for pokies

Found In-Tandem, and thought I'd give it a go. Randoomness abounds!

Credits to Natasha
Tribal tat trial, 
Exciting external experiment.
Tattoo Parlor approaches,
So does pending apprehension.

Blood mixing with ink,
Turning stomach, fresh air needed.

 Spikes of skepticism, 
 Chains chingling with chagrin
 Metal meeting meat,
 Blur by during my speeding exit.

 Turn the corner, 
 Naked of markings,
 I retch,
 Breaking patrons judge silently.

 Breathe, retch, repeat.
 Looking up,
 Expecting to see scowls.
 An ink covered lioness winks,
 Peeling stained thoughts and feelings all away.


  1. Random or randoom, and numbers 7 and 8, or 13 and 14 - who's counting?
    Thank you for deciding to pedal a Tandem (or two, in this case, it seems) LOL The ways of Linkies are strange...
    I hope the tattoo needle didn't cause you too much distress when writing this. Hehehe!

  2. Jinksy, drop the pills.
    Shockgrubz, nobody authorized you to post a photo of my son.

  3. Random or not it is awesome.Picture and the poem

  4. @Jinksy: Thanks
    @HacidicPlumber: I got consent, I swear
    @Gareth: Yes, it's a lion, maybe.
    @Chintan: I did not. I have planned a memorial tat, but I doubt I'll end up getting it.

  5. Nicely done, pic and poem! it's pretty in an weird and wonderful kinda way! <3

  6. I really like it. Abstract poetry makes me happy

  7. Gah, every time I try to write poetry it comes out as purely lyrical...

    Can't write a poem for the life of me, man.

  8. Am I high? D:
    That picture is awesome!

  9. gay lion on lsd?
    poem was awesome too :D

  10. I really loved how the process of getting a tattoo was expressed in such a poetical way. I'd like to get one, but I would probably get bored of it pretty quick. Permanent things just aren't for me.
    And I also like the drawing :)

  11. did you actually get a tat?


  12. @1904, No. I'm not deathly ill when I see needles, either. That was just for the effect of the poem. If I did get a tat, it would be a memorial in a dark star that my late brother would often sketch out.