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Monday, October 29, 2012

A Randoom Halloween Mystery

 Greetings, fellow bloggers! It is I, Shockgrubz, who bring you a mystery filled with sorrow and intrigue. This time of the year, things go bump in the day as well as the night. Here's the set up.

 A few years ago I was searching around on a database of unsolved crimes. I'm not sure whether my investigative mind or my lack of funds was the motivator in looking, but in any case, I delved into one that was near my location and over ten years old.

 A woman who worked at a local school was coming home from the grocery store one fall evening. Her attacker came for her as she was unloading the bags of food. He shot her and fled.

 That is the whole account. No description of the shooter at all. I had nothing to go on, so I thought of what I could do.

 I'd dabbled in photography and spirits both separately before, but this time I decided to mix them together to see what I could find out.

 I went to the building to take a few hundred snaps. The structure was foreboding on that winter day. From the ground, the five stories seemed like ten, looking through the viewfinder of my camera. I chose my shots to include as many windows as possible. I thought that I'd capture a clue there.

 After checking only a few of the pictures, my eyes started glazing over and I would close the photo editor. Minutes later I would remember having closed it and not realized why. Then I would open it back up. This happened seven times before I left the whole thing alone for a long time.

 Until yesterday. I wanted to make a nice Halloween picture to put on my blog. I remembered the creepy feelings I got when I took a pic of the windows at that building and started messing around with it.

 I must describe how I messed with it, because of the shapes in the windows. They were there before I did any editing of the picture. I selected a box within each window and messed around with the colors. That brought out the shapes you see, that were already there, just blended with the colors before the edit. Before I discuss what I think each window holds, I'll put the picture here.

 Through the first window, we see the woman, possibly in a flowing nightgown. Here is where my perception might stray a bit from yours. I see her chewing on a balding man's ear while the man is holding a rapier between his teeth. I cannot for the life of me discern what this would mean in relation to the initial crime, but the ghosts hardly ever give hard-line clues.

 The middle window contains an imp of immense destructive power. From far away he looks kind of cuddly, like an ewok, but get up close and you see his three faces. Each one laughing, grimacing, or howling with maniacal laughter. His presence was there the day of the shooting, I'm sure of it.

 The final(rightmost) window seems empty, which is what I come up with when trying to pinpoint the killer. I may never get to give that woman's family closure, or obtain a reward for my investigative fruits, but we can be sure of one thing. It makes for some good RANDOOM mystery!

 What do you see in the windows?


  1. I see a woman in the left one, but I can't make anything out. In the middle one it looks like some kind of upside down dog, or a bunny rabbit. But it's pretty good :D

  2. The first one I see the woman and then it looks like a devil faced shorter man there or something beside her.

    The second I thought Ewok right away and then one of those talking trees from Lord of the Rings.

    The third some upside down bottles up top, but that is it.

    Really weird.

  3. I see a potential crime and one feverish imagination. I hope you solve this.

  4. I see a woman holding a child in the first one. In the second one, I see....I don't know what. Whatever it is, it seems menacing!

    1. Oh, and in the third window I see a guest post....just as empty as the window!

  5. Yeah, I see a jawless woman and an upside down senior with a really big head. Nothing scary about a woman who can't talk, but the old man!


  6. I see a fire, a portal into a nebula in the middle of space and a dark room.

  7. The Ewok did it.I have proof. Chewie is my witness.

  8. fuzzy tarantula...and a hot babe...but i'm eyes are hazy and unfocused...