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Monday, December 28, 2015

Third post this year = Active

                            Hi Again!

It's true that I've been absent often lately, but that is in no way due to my lack of love for this medium. I still love writing, and it's with this joy that I jot t his down for you.

In the near future, I will teach a person about blogging and content creation. This will be the first post she sees that I have written, so it should have at least some substance to it. Now to the meat of what I've been up to.

Higher education also means higher methods of deception. I'm pretty bitter for the ropes and hoops I've been led through, but I am grateful to obtain a piece of paper next spring.

Greedy administrators do not outweigh great teachers. This is one of the ways that they are allowed by the student body to continue their traditions of lies, greed, and manipulation. My professors are as powerless as I am in ridding this system of it's evils, so they just do their jobs as well as they can. They are people who truly care about and for students. A great prof is worth over a hundred shitty administrators. They know this and stick to this ratio, more or less.

End of term implosions happen. I tend to be a bad student near the end and a great student at the outset. My motivation for a brighter future isn't waning. I want success and stumble when I contact any resistance with the system that's supposed to be designed to support me.

But I'm graduating, so what doesn't kill me makes me stronger, right?

Speaking of strength, I had an opportunity to participate in something that built my muscles up that I also found very fun. Stand-up Paddleboarding. Sup, for short, it is a water activity using a longboard and a paddle. Just balancing on the board works most of the muscles in the body. Stamina and endurance comes to those who really work through the water with the paddle. And rest times are supremely serene with slow floating scenes setting a very relaxed pace.

I'm not sure what kind of milestone this is, but I'm working on my tenth year of not driving. It has been very hard to adjust at times, but I am so glad to not have to own or drive a vehicle. 

I'm still unmarried. That does make me happy! I'm in no way a player or typical bachelor, so my reasoning isn't what you hear from those types. It's mostly that I want to make sure that I fully love myself before I open up to "the one". I may never be ready, but that's OK.

I've yet to realise my ulimate perception of success. I will know that I have if I wake up each day crying tears of joy. Here's to those days!

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  1. Yeah, the greedy sobs are everywhere. College is a big place for them. Crying tears of joy every morning though? Hmmm I'd have to win the lottery to do that haha Congrats on not driving for 10 years and not being married too. haha