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Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Femininity of the Interrobang

When posing a question in an excited way, I like to utilize the interrobang. 
It's an amalgamation of male and female shapes. The curves of the question mark tend to remind me of a 

subtle curiosity that exists within the female form. The straightness and bold image of the exclamation point 

get me to thinking along the male way of thinking, straight and to the point. 

When I ask "What is that!?", I'd better allow the femininity of the question mark to overrule the excited state 

of the exclamation point if I expect any sort of plausible answer.

 To acknowledge that there are two opposed gender views inside of a symbol allows me to view other things

in life with the same gender-sharing qualities. There are so many things that can take on both masculine and 

feminine characteristics at the same time. And like the interrobang, it doesn't become clear until the symbol, 

or subject is viewed in a zoomed in or blown up fashion. So let's look a little closer and find the femininity in 


Just another thought in an hour I had to spare. Thank you and have a wonderful day!

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  1. Yeah there is a big difference in the reaction, I can make up a bunch of bs if I like the person, but if not, direct and see ya

  2. Definitely something to think about! I hadn't given much thought to this topic- but considering people give genders to all kinds of items (cars, boats, planes, fishing poles, etc.) why not punctuation and the like? :)

  3. Interesting thought for sure. We need more thinking like this in the world. People tend to escape having to think and form opinions for themselves.

    It is both masculine and feminine, opening doors for further opinions and evaluations. I like it!