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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Themes, experience, and hope for the creative future

 This year I've decided to eschew resolutions and embrace a singular theme. This change is due to the many years of not getting much of anything on my list done. A great thing about a theme is that there is no list, just one broad subject.

 The theme I've decided to go with for 2014 is "consideration of others". It's pretty broad, so I will have plenty of ways to apply it this year.

 One of the first ways is to tell you, my dear readers, that I am reading your comments and looking at your blogs. I cannot, however, comment on my own or your blogs due to some sort of technical snafu with my $20 laptop. I will be upgrading soon, so you will see my words upon your pages sometime before the second quarter.

 Consideration of others will also spill into my academic life as well. Being a Graphic Design major, I will have a chance to touch people with the messages and concepts I create through visual advertisements. The amount of creative freedom I've been given will only be as powerful as my keen sense of consideration of others, my audience.

 Also, I've started a photo group. I enjoy being unique, and there are about a gazillion photog groups around the world and they are all a bit different, but a lot of them use the same formula. I have found that formula to not work well for me, so I've changed it to account for others that may have the same feelings.

 First off, I didn't want to name it with 'walk' in the name. We are all walking when we take photos in a group(unless there is an assignment to sit in one place and just take pics of passers by), so I named it an "experience".

 Secondly, I had seen that previous groups had weekly assignments. I'm already chock-full of assignments from my classes and don't want to add to the load. Plus, I know when those not in school hear the word "assignment", it starts to feel like work and procrastination starts to rear it's ugly head. So instead of going the common route of getting people to take pics outside of the "experience", I've consolidated the whole thing into a three hour collaboration effort on the weekend.

 I had four signups this first week, but only one showed up. This may be due to my inability to use social media. I want this group to be word of mouth only, as to add to it's exclusivity. So, when my pal and I set out to work on this weeks theme, "uncommon perspective", we got out of our comfort zones and worked on getting shots that we may not have if we were working as normal.

 Out of fifty-five shots(I should have taken hundreds), I got about five I liked. Unfortunately, I have to wait for my pc upgrade to show them to you. By that time I hope to have a good amount of prime photographs to show you from a few more "experiences".

 There is a revolution in the making. It will cause much hardship to many people who are not in tune with their creative side. Their daily lives and manual labor jobs will be upended by a contingency of automated machines. The growing amount of robots will cause rise to more and more humans embracing the arts. Creativity and imagination are going to be our bread and butter in the coming days. As an artist, this excites me. I hope to help those who may find difficulties in finding the artisan within themselves. I hope to work with great artists to create assessment apps to ferret out their hidden skills.

 So, I'm still here and working to create a better tomorrow. I hope to see and hear from you soon.

P.S. Thank you Pat Hatt and Bersercules for commenting on my last post. Your consideration does make a difference.

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  1. That is very true, the more machines the more one is going to have to get creative. Thankfully the cat can do that. Sounds like a great path for you to be on.