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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Attack of the Laundrymat Grease Monster or How I Fill My Pillows

 Hey, Gents and Vents!

 Just thought I'd drop a little line while I'm able. I'm doing well in school. I could be doing a bit better, but that improvement is going to happen shortly, I'm almost sure of it.

 Last weekend I got to take a good portion of my laundry to the matic shop where they allow me to utilize their machinery to get my skivvies all kinds of squeaky. It's not too cheap, but it works faster than if I did it in someone's home.

 The really bad thing about the Laundromat is that it comes with all sorts of disclaimers:

 "Do not leave your clothes unattended. If clothes are left, they will be pulled from the machines"

 when reading that one I imagined a person going out for a smoke, and once out of the doors the attendant starts chucking sloppy undies and soggy oven mits around. Those that wish to hoard other's goodies end up catching and stashing the poor smoker's belongings.

 "We are not responsible for stains or ruined clothes due to any items that were previously left in the washer/driers"

 This one got me. One, because I checked the washer that I used for my clothes, and two, because I wasn't aware that someone had tried to double their patchouli oil as downy on the load previous to mine.

 Needless to say, I ruined two of my favorite T-shirts. One was a branded one with my college and a logo from a company that does business in shady areas of the world, the other was a shirt I created as a social commentary on no matter how high minded we perceive ourselves as a species, we can never outrun our primal instincts.

 So I was sad for the ride home with the laundry, until we got to the drive. Right there, I decided that those two problem shirts would start a solution to another problem of mine. Pillows.

 Having recently moved, I have somehow lost my pillow to the land of the left socks(Usually taken by the dryer, but sometimes it just happens out of the blue). So I have been crumpling everything I could think of and fitting it beneath my noggin in order to catch some zzzzz's. It hasn't been good. I've noticed my lack of good sleep even though I'm sleeping in a real bed since being without for so long.

 So I'm developing a system of sorts with cutting/tearing/snipping the shirts into tiny little bits and getting them to go into a pillow case that, once filled, I will attempt to sew shut. It can't be too hard, I just assisted in hand sewing a hat for my mother and she absolutely loves it.

 I appreciate all of you for looking and sticking with me in this time of non-internet at my place. I just tried to order the internet online, but for some reason the company that provides it in my area finds that to be oxymoronic and I must use a telephone to start the process(This sort of reminds me of the guy that wouldn't do business with me because I didn't own a car, the anti-pedestrianist).

 So for now, I will go, but I will be back to comment and read and enjoy all that brings us here together. Keep safe and live as wild as the law and nature will allow you!

                                                                                                             Your bud,


  1. haha laundry can be a pain, soooo glad I got my own washer and dryer now. Good luck with the pillow too!

  2. Never used a laundromat in my life, always thought serial killers hung out in them, well that's what the movies show!

  3. Hey, clever way to make a pillow happen. I bet it'll be all sorts of comfortable.

  4. I can do without a pillow for my head but always need one for my legs! Hope you get your pillow soon :p

  5. I remember those laundromat days....seems like a looooong time ago. Probably because it was! Don't miss it one bit....except for the part where you get month's worth of laundry done in just a few short hours, that part was great!