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Friday, July 29, 2011

Part 2: Monstas

Now most of you that know of Sasquatch, ore "Bigfoot" most likely don't view the thing as a monster. My view differs due to a sight I saw  outside of an evil church down a dead end road.

Nick and I had been searching the net for local haunted houses and scary places. We wanted to prove to our other friend, Tyler, who was as skeptical as he was pale when the shit went down, couldn't allow us to go and not see anything without him laughing at us.

 We didn't see a problem with schooling him in the ways of being "scrd", as we'd call it. We set off for the dead end road in Nicks black '84 Trans Am with T tops and hoped for the best and worst.

 "Sorry Ass pansies!", Tyler called us from the back seat. Then he lost all control while laughing at us. He chortled  so hard that he started spewing sputum until he ran out of breath, then sneezed onto the winshield.

 "You're already messing my ride up, man. I can't wait until you're cryin'!", Nick shouted at his bud in the back. He then just leaned back, put one arm out the window to glide with the wind.

 The car seemed to be scooting very slowly, onto the damp red clay road. A fog entered the air in the car. We were all startled by the sheer pronunciation of this energy. Even Tyler took a minute to remind himself to laugh at us. Although this time it was more of a nervous chuckle. I could sense that Nick also felt the bad vibes, but you wouldn't have known it to look in his face. Stern stubbornness mixed with curiosity shone through his lackadaisical expression.

 I was not 'cool', in the least. The fog was getting thicker. The sense of evil getting more intense by the second. I had even looked at Tyler and shook my head to assure him that he was not alone in being scared. I wanted to turn back and gave my friend the go ahead to beg for our lives with the same visual cue.

 "Nick, you gotta turn back, man!", Tyler squawked. "Who cares if you win some egotistical bet, man? Whoo-whoo look at me, I'm dead, but at least I proved to Tyler that ghosts existed before my head got ripped off.". All of this was delivered in the most serious of deadpans that a friend can give another friend.

 Nick didn't give two or three shits to Tyler's begging or my agreeing. He parked at the gate of the scariest small building in the world. You'd expect this amount of evil to be emanating from a grand field, or warehouses, but no this thing was tiny. The roof was the only thing above ground. The other occupants of the property were trees of an old age. Bordered by a forest to the north, a single oak stood across the middle of the building. Nick took the keys and hurled them over the fence. He was still wanting to mess with Tyler. He was now messing with me as well, and I didn't take it very well.

"Alright man, lets hear it for slow poky choky!" I brought out the worst name ever! He hated being called that ever since his childhood, but I wasn't caring about right then. Neither was Nick.The name didn't even affect him, he bounded over the gate before we knew it.

I only got a feeling of safety once. That was when Nick retrieved the keys and put them in his pocket. After that brief vacation from the hell that was this strange place, I lost sight of Nick. So suddenly had I lost track of him. I knew this was a bad sign.

 I knew I was about to see something. Call it 'spidey' sense, intuition, or spiritual harmonics, I could know things before they'd happen just then. I knew to look at the tree line right at the point of the old oak. From there I saw a silhouette run as a shape of Sasquatch through the treeline. This was faster than I've seen any human move. It went from the east end of the forest to the western side of the property so quick that I only spied Nick walking back to the gate because he started into a jog in my side vision.

 He went from walking to running in another second, and with a shot, he bolted over the gate in one bound. He got right in the seat with the keys at the ready. Peeled out and got us the hell on outta there. We'd heard that an army of SUV's usually follow ppl to their destinations and take care of them, but we weren't worried. We were just glad to be gone from that place.

 In addition to my monster sighting, Nick said that he had voices in his ear that sounded just inches from where he stood. Those voices were telling him how they were going to torture and kill then play with his corpse. It was bad, I'd have run as well.

 There's always skeptics, and there's always believers. As long as we can have both and nobody dies, then we're fine. This has turned me from skeptic to believer. If you'd like to leave a comment, or share something similar that happened to you, then please do so below. I'd like to hear that and critiques. Thanks..


  1. Well he's clearly not so bad if he didn't attack you, he just ran away, proving that he was the one that was afraid.

  2. Creepy stuff, I've never had something like that happen to me, though I still believe.

  3. im still a skeptic. nothing like that ever happened to me or anyone i know

  4. get it on camera next time!

  5. This awesome dude, I on the other hand am still a skeptic. I have experienced paranormal anomaly on my dad's funeral. Where I heard a woman crying when everyone else is sleeping. It was like crying from the ground. and I even checked around if anyone is. But to no avail, There was nothing. I'm not the only one that heard it, My cousin who is next to me and a house helper on the back who is washing the dishes heard it too. This happened on the Philippines when we still lived there.

  6. There could be a whole Sasquatch family living in that forest. You need to do some more investigating.

  7. I have to second Powdered Toast Man (isn't that Ren and Stimpy?).

  8. extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, but it is still worth investigating!

  9. Still slightly a skeptic only in regards to it being bigfoot, the only thing that gets me about this kind of thing is there is no way that he could have been alive all this time. However, in regards to paranormal stuff in general....well you never truly know do you?

  10. i've seen bigfoot. he's a pretty cool guy.