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Sunday, February 18, 2018


I've been watching TV shows again. 

 I'm enthralled with comedies. These distractions of laughter are sometimes what I think I need at the time. They feel good.

 On the scholastic front, my nose is still inside the book. Not too far in to where I can't focus on the words, though. There's a danger in that.

 I'm picking up projects, dropping others, and putting some on hold for now.

  The best thing about my newest project is that I can use the experience to help the homeless. Yay! Let's destigmatize this group!
  Another project I have utilizes my graphical prowress. I know I don't have many good examples here, but maybe I'll share some soon.
  Writing is now back in vogue. I have neglected my own creative spirit by only writing for sholastic reasons, but now other realms are opening to me. 
All this time, and I still defy life by being single. Not just a bachelor, but a loner. I have a social life, but not one that involves anything

akin to a relationship. Those don't come my way often, but I'm glad to say that I trust that they will continue.

 I'm writing a poem currently, here's the plot:

  1.  Hungry Traveler walking down a path
  2.   notices a beetle crossing ahead of him
  3.   Traveler stops, so does beetle.
  4.   Traveler entices the beetle to cross by drawing a line in the path with a stick.
  5.   Beetle crosses the path and leads traveller to money.
  6.   Traveler heads back the way he came.
  7.   Traveler returns to beetle and lays before him a meal that costs all of the funds.
  8.   Traveler walks away.

Here's a shiny desktop wallpaper I made recently:

The shape I see when I think of the world/universe


  1. Geez, sure been a while since you came about haha being single is a fine way to be. Can't go wrong with wanting to be creative once more.

  2. defy life, I love that, very poetical

    writing has been the single greatest source of therapy in my life, nothing else has worked. the 20 years I stopped writing were my most miserable.

    Beetle Brunch

    Stephen Hawking is right now at this moment in the hole of that shape above