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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Another Japanese Short Film Review


Runtime: 5:49
Link: Kafkaesque

 Labeled Kafka on the Vimeo site, I decided to screen this little gem. Kafka was a German author that wrote about strange things and strange relationships. I'd say that if he were around today, or five years ago when this movie was made, he'd approve.

 It's about two men who are in a situation of executioner and prisoner. The final meal the prisoner was given was so sorry that he asks for a little chat.

Begging for a little chat before death
 The executioner owes the man that much, since the fare was so unfair.

Not a sneeze about to occur, but a hesitation in pre-death chatting
During the flashbacks, the prisoner is replaced with the executioner, showing that he places himself into all stories told to him.

Seems both men use umbrellas for sunshades
Even the food given to the prisoner by his wife is eaten by the imagined executioner.

One final meal before the death of an unloved one
Explanations of wrongful conviction start bringing the men closer together.

I enjoy close-ups like this one
The use of imagery and solid color evoke feelings for both men.

Even better than close ups that cut portions off is time-lapse clouds
The action described in this portion of flashback aren't portrayed, but overlaid with images.

Nothing beats red grass
Time for chatting is done and both men look at the tool of death in anticipation.

Time for the noose to get a use
Credits roll 3/4 of the way through. After these, another glimpse of the prisoners last day of freedom is seen through the imagination of the executioner.

The technique of color here denotes suspicion

Seems the innocence of the accused was also very imaginary. 

Practicing accidental murder
The movie ends with a surprise ending. I couldn't spoil everything for you! Until next time, stay.