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Monday, December 17, 2012

You Guest Right!

Hello, you amazing Randoom people!

  I am both flabergasted and fascinated at how fast we've come to arrive here.

If any of you had a great time at a 12-12-12 party, I'm jealous because I totally forgot.

That's right, you can mark it down on your calendar that I, Shockgrubz, forgot to celebrate something.
Don't fret, I had a great time, whatever it was that I was doing.

Speaking of doing, I once spoke a promise to several people of providing a little guest post.

I've done it. Well, some of them. First up is Workingdan, Gluttondan, er, Dan from and Sinquiry. If you don't know him, and never visited his site, do so now. If you don't, or are just waiting until you finish my post,I'll tell you that he's a great guy who represents life's joys and struggles in a very theraputic and fun-lovng way. I'dswear he and I were best friends in a previous life, if we existed previously. If so, I hope I came through on every promise I gave him then, as well.

I've procrastinated and procrastinated with the guest post enough that I'm fairly sure that he would take me off of the wall of shame.Hell, I remember him threatening to do so once in some comedic or serious extent. I'm amazed he's as patient as I am. I never thought I'd see the day I found someone with the same slow spirit of stubbornness and resilient poise that I exude, just like some thought they'd never see the guest post. I doubted myself at one point, creating elaborate excuses for the missing text. In the creation of some of those, I found that therapy was the theme.

 The particular piece was written through both fictional and non-fictional sources. I took experiences from a previous relationship to set the scenes. I had a girlfriend who was dying of cancer. Her previous lover had suddenly left her once the news of her terminal prognosis set in. I showed up in her life and became a shining beacon of eternal youth in a time of depressing reality.  She helped foster my artistic side, and treated all of my works with the utmost respect and accurate critisism.

 Near the end of our relationship, her previous lover had found life without her suddenly harsh and returned with his tail between his legs. I could not compete with the amount of history that he had with her, and although I did fight and cry to have her keep me, I lost her. She died a year later, leaving her newly wed husband and two kids from previous marriages to pick up the pieces. I found out of her eventual demise not long after, and  in the greiving process set a seed for this story.

 It deals with lovers, hair, secrets, and grief therapy. I took liberties to include my ever-so obvious obsession with onomatopoeia because I'm shamelessly proud of noises, and I am submitting this to Shameless Productions, after all. Please have a look.


 I also promised Mark from The Rambling Person a guest post. I said it might be NSFW, but it ended up being SFW because I'm a chicken.

 Anyway, I really like Mark and his Immortal Space story is one of my favorites. Have a visit, and I dare you to like him and his ramblings as much as I do.

  Mark and I both the affinity for Sci-Fi in common, so I penned a little tale with some futuristic, but realistic elements.

 Shaze's Day at the Grocery

  Shaze is a twenty-five year old man who has shunned the traditional way of life for a more survivalist/slacker lifestyle. Although  his days aren't dictated by a 'boss', he still has to stand in state-aide lines and subject himself to the body of governmental medical  aid. In obtaining food assistance, Shaze checked a box labeled "Experimental Allowance" that was hidden on the back of the fifth page of the application. He did not keep reading the fine print after he saw that it would give him an additional fifty dollars a month for  food. If he would have kept going, he would have found out that he just waived his right to modify his own body. His body belonged to   the government, and to prove it, they inserted an RFID chip in his finger to make him one of the first in the experimental aide group.

   His finger had healed up and he had mostly forgot about the little encapsulated chip in his finger when he went to sleep the day before the seventh. His food aide came on the seventh and he couldn't wait to eat, so he dreamt of gorging on platters of the best bounties.

 I've also found that I am migrating OS and graphics programs. This is a jarring change, but has to happen before 12-21-12(FRIDAY!).  I'm now using Blender instead of CorelDream3d. The previous program was written and sold in 1997, so I was very overdue in changing Blender is  a very technical graphics suite , even more so than my old clunky program. My coding friend had suggested Blender this summer, and I told him I'd look it up. That ended up being a lot later. I don't know why I don't rush my searches for change, maybe stubborness. I ended up searching for "3d Sculpting" and it was on the front page. My first impression was "Why didn't I know about this sooner?" Probably because I hadn't searched before or listened to my friend.

 I'm in love with the program, but I'm also very challenged.  One of my issues is the very high learning curve. There are so many menus, sub-menus, tweaks, adjustments, bells and whistles that I don't know what to make from a lot of the program, but I'm picking it up in pieces at a time.

  Not to say I'm not practicing. I logged my practice hours in the week I've been working with it and it adds up to 80 hours. In a week?  Did I tell you I love this program already? 80 hours is proof. Also writing this post on the imbedded text editor is proof. I'll get  better, soon. I'll share my progress with you.

   Also, I'm jumping out of my OS portal to Linux. I've needed this change for a very long time. I was scared of terminal.  I don't know why, I used to enjoy the stuffing out of old MS-Dos, why wouldn't I hug up to a cute little penguin? Because windows spoiled me. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. If I were forced to go to a command prompt before going into the GUI, then I wouldn't be so scared of the change. I've faced my fears enough to load a version of linux on a flash drive and test out the OS without
   fully migrating. I like it, but I've got to practice more to put it on my hard drive.
   This post is getting way long, so I'll say good-bye for now. If we survive the 12-21-12 I'll be partying like it was 12-20-21, and toasting to you!
   Guest post for Working/Glutton/Dan- Inamorata*link to  be included after publishing
   Guest post for Mark- Shaze's Day at the Grocery
   Blender-I got it. I love it.
   Linux- I got it. Learning to love it.