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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sometimes math just hurts my head.

But other times it tickles my cerebellum like a feather duster swatting my neck's tiny hairs. 

One such day, when numbers were making me smile, I made this:.

Which was a reminder to me about the 6 things I needed to do the next day.

After getting five of them done, I thought it was easy sailing.

Sometimes the wind does not blow.
It ceases motion to leave you with yourself.
to ponder the roads yet traveled.

When numbers cursed me for a spell, I countered with this:

The eye blinks, and the dragon flaps away.
Bound toward a shared destination
of optimism and treasure.

I'm a kook, it's true. But sometimes kooks are useful. I'm bound to prove it someday,
or die trying.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Awards After a Brief Apology

Dear readers of this stagnant blog,

 I make the most humble and brief apologies for my absence. I have vacated my previous cush existence in favor for the life of struggle.Unfortunately, the struggles I endure include being without a wi-fi signal. So all of those transient ideas have been squandered to the vast expanses of the universe, never to be organized so well upon these beautiful, yet under-maintained pages.

 I pretend not to romance you, dear readers. For the sense of that verb is very decieving. It means to flirt. I 'flirted' with the idea of a college career. That was a tease to my intelligence as well as my wanderlust. Alas, circumstances that seem to be guided by the hand of fate have dictated that it is not the sterile classroom that I shall attend, but to continue my seat at the school of hard knocks. Never before has it knocked me into the next plane, but it won't scare me into going there willingly.

 I have been rather flaky, but I am here now. I have promised writings to those that I prize here.

 Two awards have been given to me in this great absence. One was the wonderful Kreativ award from one of my favorite bloggers,  Sabrina from Pouffia.

 I love her, so I will comply with the 11 random things, however, just like the word "Kreativ" I will pretend to  make something new with the rules and tag people through telepathy.

 1. I'm a raindancer. Although my skill is high in bringing the rain down, I only do so when I'm in a mood for the wet stuff.

 2. The latest book I've read was "My Novel" by First Baron Lyton. It was very interesting and I've enjoyed taking time thinking back how everything used to be different, but almost eerily similar to our own days.

 3. No matter how many premonitions I've had, I can't tell the future. Just as my genius fell short with 'gifted', my psychic powers have been given to me by the most frugal metaphysical genie. His folly was giving me the foresight to see that I am to be a very influential person, or a homeless bum.

 4. Comedy seeks me. I can be anywhere and find a laugh. Unfortunately, some of those times come during funerals, surgery, or in the serious stage of the bedroom.

5. I'm writing a story. It's science fiction, but it has a very strong moral message that society deals with every day; how to punish evil-doers and vindicate the sorrows of the victim. Pretty hefty stuff, I don't pretend to wish a few rivers of tears to flow due to my heartfelt story.

6. Life still amazes me. Although I am a very jaded and cynical person at times, there's always that clear breeze that wafts the dust away from the horizon to show me the "LARGE" picture. As many times as I've gazed upon portions of the 'real universe', I'm as awed as the first time I've ever looked upon the universe as a whole.

7. I can argue with a fly. My debating skills are so honed, that sometimes I end up starting a heated discussion of differences without even knowing it. Once I've realized that I'm headed for an undesired conflict, I tend to defer or agree to stop further heating due to my wild views.

8. Video games are my bane. I love them, always have since the early days of the moving pixel. I hate them, because they relay to me, just in their existence, that we as a species are never going to be happy with what we have. Once we obtain the 'next best', it is still not the best.

9. I'm terribly unpredictable. I'd look up to this attribute more if I were to make my spontaneity work for me, but usually it ends up causing hitches in the most troublesome of places.

10. I've once won 1500 dollars in one week with three separate dollar bets. The game was to pick three numbers. I was reading an anthology at the time and for some reason I decided to record every page number that ended a story. After that, I went further to even memorize those last pages. I chose the last page of a story to choose as my first of three bets. The moment I chose to purchase the ticket was 7:59, and wouldn't you know it, that was the page number I had chosen earlier in the day.

 The next day, after cashing in the ticket, I went home to pick another page. I did so, but this time I chose to confirm it by taking a deck of cards with the faces and jokers taken out and randomly picking three. Once again, the cards were the same as the page numbers, and I won. The next time I chose another page. I won. The luck ended there, but even without the money I had realized a technique that some authors use when writing a short story. The ones I chose seemed to be written backwards, like the author had written the ending before starting the beginning. It's kind of weird that I could glean that from a published work, but I am hardly ever wrong with my sense of intuition. Knowledge will always be greater of value to me than materiel wealth. Knowledge may not be power, but used in conjunction with other faculties, it can level mountains.

11. I  feel "The Voice" is my voice. Agreeable in nature, but not without opinions of a deep sort. But then again, I think I started many things that I may not have, such as; Gleeking, the word "Gleek", being a smart 'badboy', and using the word 'so' with more than one syllable.

 Thank you again, Sabrina, for gifting me that Kreativ Blogger award. I adore you, although it does not seem so. My affection is usually interpreted as indifference. Oh well, I blow a kiss to your hand.

 The other award I have had bestowed upon me is the "I Survived The Wall Of Shame" award from Workindan at Shameful Productions. Here is that graphic. A great one.

But will I survive the guest post?

 I like my likeness and that I have yet to turn in my guest posts. I hoard them with a fervor. Yes, a fervor.

 Until next time(which will not be as along as last time), may my adoration for your general nature never subside.