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Saturday, May 12, 2012

10k Views Art Party!

 I will not bore you with an exact official count, nor will I write a lot of bland words to describe to you the feeling I get when I see that my page has been visited over ten thousand times. I almost feel as if five-thousand of those are mine, I'm so vain and insecure. You know I'm pulling your leg, right? I don't visit my own page.

 And now to some art that I've produced during a recent dark(no-inter9t) time.

Floydish-20 triangle series

 I won't be able to thank you all appropriately, but I will try my best at celebrating this 10k with the same enthusiasm as jumping a 100ft hurdle made of bacon over a pond of cheese. I'll party down like I've just wrestled a 2 ton alligator and won! I'll revel in the afterglow like I'd just bedded this years rotation of leading ladies. Yep, you're gonna see me let my hair down(has it ever been up?), and let the whoops and whistles fly!

Singularity- 20 triangle series
 Although, I can't party too hard. I've still got those guest posts I've got to submit. I'm cutting it down to the wire, but at least I've got a few almost finished. After that, I should be good and ready to get a little more than schnockered(darn spell check and it's disbelief in the word 'schnockered').

Mother Shape- 20 triangles

 So, if you get a submission of a guest post that doesn't look right, you can blame me for going a little too far in my celebration of 10k views. I must have switched up the NSFW posts with the clean 'non-blue' ones. I hope I don't brutalize anyone's sensibilities, but bruising them just might be good for a few.

Space Flatulence- 20 triangles series
 I raise both my shot glass and my stein in honor of you great people who visit me. Once we get this train chugging along at 100k views, I will look back at this post and most likely do an epic facepalm. But behind that knobby-fingered mask, I'll have a supreme smile of pride, shining for those of you great people who started me out.

 Thanks, and I'll be working most of the weekend on the guest posts. I should have really done them one at a time, but I'm a glutton for punishment(paddle, anyone?).

 So, until next time, keep it RANDOOM!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

RIP MCA and a late Doomcast

In the heyday of Run DMC, The Beastie Boys did a collaboration with them. It revived a song from years before by Aerosmith. That Aerosmith somg was inspired by pimps. Adam Yauch was a pimp. Not a literal pimp, mind you, but one of the most ethereal and esoteric kinds of purveyors that produce such alluring flesh in the aural form.

 Without his talents, I would have never realized one of my many rapper monikers. Not a pen name, but a rapper identity. I liked the idea of being a rapper enough to make think of creating my own persona. I didn't' get much further than the name(It's not used still, so I won't say it), but it's much further than I would have gotten without The Beastie Boys.

 I was stunned yesterday to hear of his death. I had recorded a podcast and was going to upload it before I saw the news about him. To make a short story shorter, I slept. I've appropriately mourned one of my influences and now you can enjoy this DOOMCAST.

 It's definitely one of the more 'weirder' ones, if they're all not as weird. I go through talking about, probably not in this particular order

  • Procrastination
  • Hunter S. Thompson
  • Deadlines
  • Suicide
  • Guest Posts
  • The Bersercules and Rambling Person podcast and why to listen to the whole thing
  • Hate Mail
  • Wierd, I'm not wierd
  • Insects, and why I empathize with them
  • Entomologists, and what they can do to make me like them
 Sorry if the sound is too low. Let me know if it is in the comments, and I will do a replacement. I can't tell from these speakers. 

 Until next time, "Gitoutmeface!"

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Synesthesia or Superpower?

 I have this power, it's kind of peculiar. Some would say  that it's downright weird,  but I think we've all got weird powers. Only a certain few, like myself, figure out their power within their lifetime.Even less share their's with others. So here's my rare power share.

 I can taste medications and food placed in mypalm. The bitterness of my first aspirin at school still makes me salivate to this day. When the nurse placed it in my hand, I puckered up like I had just french-kissed a lemon.

 Since that time, I could take any taste-filled object and pick out the various flavours and notes within. Whether it be a delectable fruit-filled scone, a scrumptious savory biscuit, or a super-sweet finagrin pill, I can determine the ingredients and the effects that it will have on my taste buds.

 I only use my powers for good, so I tend to wear gloves at times others would not. As I type to you, I am wearing the most supple of lambskin gloves.  Mmmmmmm,  lambskin tastes  good!

                                               What's  your power?

My cat's power keeps me laughing!